‘Off the cuff review unlikely to solve problems in our ambulance service’ – Kirsty Williams

2012 Tachwedd 30 10:49 AM

Responding to the Health Minister's announcement of the Term's of Reference into a Review of Welsh Ambulance Services, Kirsty Williams, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, responded:

"Yesterday it was revealed that ambulance response times in Wales hit an annual low, with targets being missed for the fifth successive month. This clearly isn't good enough, but I'm not convinced that yet another review - the ninth in six years - is going to solve all of the problems in our ambulance service.

"The announcement of this review took place in the Welsh Liberal Democrat debate on the ambulance service, after we had exposed the Ambulance Service budget had not been set a full six months into the financial year. This was a mistake made by the Welsh Labour Government, not by the ambulance service. It is about time that this Welsh Government had a good long hard look at itself, rather than pointing fingers elsewhere. Following thirteen years of Labour rule in the National Assembly, Wales has by far the worst response times in the whole of the UK - that is Labour's legacy.

"The announcement of the review appeared to have been done off the cuff with no prior planning, the fact it has taken 22 days to even come up with a terms of reference just reinforces this view."

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