We must make Wales an attractive investment opportunity - Mark Williams MP

2012 Rhagfyr 3 9:12 AM

Ceredigion's Welsh Liberal Democrat MP, Mark Williams, has spoken in the House of Commons about a need for both the Westminster and Assembly Governments to look at how to increase inward investment in Wales, and a need to promote Wales abroad as an area worth investing in.

This debate was bought to the House following the publication of the Welsh Affairs Select Committee Report into Inward Investment in Wales earlier this year, a committee which Mark Williams is a member of.

Mark specifically raised two issues highlighted in the inquiry which are of great importance to Ceredigion - the importance of higher education, and issues surrounding connectivity.

In the debate, Mark praised the work Aberystwyth University does to create partnerships with the commercial sector and developing economies in other parts of the world. This not only benefits our economy, but cultivates precisely the creative entrepreneurial thinking which needs to be encouraged to ensure the Welsh economy flourishes in years to come.

Mark Williams also discussed how important connectivity is for Wales and for Ceredigion, with broadband and transport infrastructures being key to future investment in Wales. Both these factors influence businesses across all industries and sectors in the area, particularly the tourism industry. The £425 million agreement between the Welsh Government and BT into broadband in Wales is welcome, but there is more to be done.

Commenting Mark Williams said:

'The Report is a valuable piece of work, and I am glad we as a committee looked into this important issue, and that we had a chance to debate it. As the Report concludes, a dedicated trade promotion agency for the Assembly would be very valuable.

'Whilst in Ceredigion there are areas of success, such as positive work being done in Aberystwyth University, investment in Wales's infrastructure is vital for our future investment potential. We must make Wales an attractive investment opportunity. I hope these calls are taken seriously, and the recommendations of the Report are looked in Westminster and Cardiff.'

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