Eluned Parrott Response to a Separate Welsh Jurisdiction

2012 Rhagfyr 12 2:22 PM

Commenting on the publication of the Constitutional & Legislative Affairs report today into a Separate Welsh Jurisdiction Eluned Parrott, the Liberal Democrat representative on the committee said:

"As the differences between Welsh Law and English Law become more apparent, it is vital that the process is planned and managed to ensure that Welsh law is properly understood not only by the people of Wales, but also by the judiciary applying the law to Welsh cases. We can't afford to wait until the system is failing to act to make it work.

"It was clear to me, in the course of taking evidence, that the future development of a separate legal jurisdiction for Wales was seen by many of our witnesses as inevitable, but there are some important questions to be answered about the costs and benefits to the Welsh people. The people of Wales are likely to only see the benefit of establishing a separate jurisdiction if they believe the current system to be struggling to manage the difference between the laws of Wales and the laws of England.

"It is my own belief that as the National Assembly passes laws that apply only to Wales, and Westminster passes more laws that apply only to England, a tipping point is likely to be reached sooner rather than later.

"I was very pleased to be a part of this important enquiry, and hope that the committee's findings will be helpful to both the Silk Commission and the Welsh Government's own consultation on the establishment of a Welsh Legal Jurisdiction."

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