Eluned Parrott welcomes Welsh Government’s extension to Small Business Rate Relief Scheme

2013 Ionawr 15 1:53 PM

Eluned Parrott AM, Welsh Liberal Democrat Shadow Economy minister has today welcomed the announcement by the Welsh Government of its intention to extended the Small Business Rate Relief Scheme into 2013-14. Commenting Eluned Parrott said:

"This is good news. At a time when many businesses are struggling, the government needs to do all it can to help, especially with small firms who often provide important local services.

"It's worth remembering that this extension is only possible because of the knock on effects of the UK Government doing the same in England.

"While this announcement is, of course, welcome, it is far from an ideal long-term solution. I would like to see the Welsh Government implement more of the recommendations in Professor Brian Morgan's report published last May so that Wales has a fairer Business Rates Relief Scheme overall. In particular, I'd like be very keen to see further progress on the issue of revaluations, which have hit Welsh businesses hard."

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