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Labour’s Last Chance Saloon on Education

2013 Ionawr 16 10:46 AM

There can be no excuse now for Labour's Education Minister after he claims that the Assembly's first Education Bill gives the Welsh Government the tools to improve school standards says Aled Roberts, Welsh Liberal Democrat Shadow Education Minister in the National Assembly.

Aled Roberts commented:

"Labour's Education Minister made an interesting comment at the end of our final debates today on the School Standards and Organisation (Wales) Bill. He claimed that the Bill gives the Welsh Government the tools to improve school standards in education. In other words we are in Labour's last chance saloon to restore Wales's education reputation.

"Ever since the creation of the Assembly Labour has run education in Wales. Even during periods of working with the Lib Dems and Plaid, it was Labour ministers who retained control of our schools. And, as we all know, during that time there has been a decline in education achievements by comparison with international standards and those within the UK.

"With the passing of the School Standards and Organisation (Wales) Bill Labour has at last got the powers they say they need to make an improvement. The Liberal Democrats will be monitoring the Welsh Government very closely because now is the time for Labour to put the pride back into Welsh education - the excuses have to stop."