We must advertise Wales as the fantastic tourist destination it is - Mark Williams

2013 Ionawr 17 2:06 PM

Ceredigion's Welsh Liberal Democrat MP Mark Williams has asked the Secretary of State for Wales in today's question session about the level of support being provided by Visit Britain to advertising Wales as a tourist destination.

This comes following reports earlier in the week that the budget being spent by the Welsh Assembly on advertising Wales as a tourist destination has fallen to £1.5 million last year, from £2.6 million the previous year. With this decrease in funding from the Assembly, Mark asked the Secretary of State what can be done to encourage Visit Britain, a UK wide body to assist in promoting Wales as a tourist destination, boosting the tourism industry.

Speaking following his question to David Jones MP, the Secretary of State for Wales, Mark Williams said:

'Whilst it is right that tourism is the responsibility of the Assembly, I am concerned by the figures on tourism advertising for Wales revealed earlier this week. We need to cash in on the fantastic tourism industry Wales has to offer, which is currently not being used to its full potential, and advertising is a key factor in this. I hope the Secretary of State can encourage colleagues at Visit Britain to include Wales in all future advertising campaigns.

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