‘Minister must meet with union representatives as soon as possible’ – Aled Roberts

2013 Ionawr 28 1:08 PM

Following the publication of the National Literacy and Numeracy Framework (LNF), Aled Roberts, Welsh Liberal Democrat Shadow Minister for Education, commented:

"For years Labour Education Ministers spoke of how annual tests were getting in the way of progress with regards to numeracy and literacy. This Labour Minister clearly no longer believes that to be the case. This sort of flip-flopping is one of the reasons why education in Wales has suffered so much under Labour. Schools and teachers have never received a consistent approach from this Welsh Labour Government which means that standards in numeracy and literacy in Wales' children has continued to decline.

"Over thirteen years of Labour rule has resulted in education standards dropping significantly when compared to the rest of the UK. At the moment, 40% of youngsters in Wales enter secondary school with a reading age lower than their actual age. We can't allow Wales' pupils to keep falling behind like this.

"When the Education Minister spoke last May of his intention to introduce the National Literacy and Numeracy Framework, I warned him of the importance of having the support of the people charged with delivering the intended improvements. Following NUT Cymru's threat of strike action, it is clear the Minister does not have the full backing of the teaching sector. It is therefore imperative that the Minister meets with union representatives as soon as possible as we can't allow this spat to get in the way of children's education."

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