Williams celebrates 30 years of S4C

2013 Chwefror 1 3:20 PM

Ceredigion's Welsh Liberal Democrat MP Mark Williams has celebrated the 30th anniversary of S4C, speaking in a debate on the issue in the House of Commons this week.

Mark Williams welcomed the historic agreement between S4C and the BBC which has been reached to secure funding for S4C until 2017 and safeguard S4C's editorial, managerial and operational independence following a spirited campaign which Mark was involved with, amongst other MPs, in 2011.

However, Mark warned the Government that we should not lose sight of previous funding arrangements guaranteed in statute for S4C, and echoed the comments of the Welsh Affairs Select Committee (of which Mark is a member), that a long term funding formula is needed, enacted in primary legislation, and that any reduction in S4C funding should be comparable to other public service broadcasters.

Commenting following the speech, Mark Williams said:

"On the 30th Anniversary of S4C, I hope the BBC and DCMS listen to the calls to retain the funding levels for S4C that we have seen. S4C came into being because a of people's campaign. It provides a vital service to Welsh people, and the strength of people's feeling on this is the justification for enshrining the funding arrangements into law in the first place. This commitment should be honoured. After 30 years S4C still remains at the heart of the nation, and I would like to see that continue for many years."

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