Welsh Liberal Democrats set out proposals to strengthen devolution in Wales

2013 Mawrth 1 2:24 PM

The Welsh Liberal Democrats have today published their submission to the Silk Commission, which they believe will make progressive steps in securing home rule for Wales.

In a wide ranging piece, the Welsh Liberal Democrats have called for:

· A new model for devolution

· A separate legal jurisdiction for Wales following substantial preparatory work

· Devolution of prisons and policing

· Devolution of energy planning

· Powers for the National Assembly to alter electoral arrangements for local elections, including electoral reform and lowering the voting age to 16

· Significant changes to the regulation of broadcasting

· Additional powers for Wales over family services, including fostering of vulnerable children

Following the party's submission, Kirsty Williams, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, commented:

"I am immensely proud of the Welsh Liberal Democrats' strong held belief of securing home rule for Wales and I believe our submission today follows in that tradition.

"The Welsh Liberal Democrats were instrumental in establishing the Silk Commission as we believe Wales must have a proper functioning Parliament. Our proposals today would make a giant step towards achieving that goal.

"We are calling for a new model for devolution which will clearly define what is devolved and what is not. It is evident that there is still a certain amount of confusion over which areas are devolved to Wales and which are reserved by the UK Parliament. Never again can we allow the legal mess that unfolded with the Supreme Court to happen. Wales' devolution system is crying out for clarity.

"As our submission shows, the Welsh Liberal Democrats strongly support additional responsibilities for the National Assembly for Wales. However, it is clear that further funding issues would arise from these proposals. This only furthers our strong belief that Wales needs a fairer funding settlement which provides levels of funding to all nations and regions of the UK based on their relative needs."

The Welsh Liberal Democrat Submission can be downloaded here.

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