Assembly Member highlights poor house building statistics

2013 Mawrth 12 3:16 PM

The Welsh Liberal Democrat Shadow Housing Minister, Peter Black has expressed his concern that house building in Wales is failing to keep pace with the demand for new homes.

Mr. Black was speaking in the light of new statistics which show that up until the end of December 2012 the total number of completions recorded during 2012-13, for both the private sector and Registered Social Landlords, were lower than during the first three quarters of 2011-12. During 2011-12, the number of house building starts decreased for the first time since 2008-09, bringing the figure back down to a similar level to that seen at the beginning of the economic downturn in 2008-09.

"Although the figures are variable across sectors the general impression given by these figures is a stagnant house-building market and the failure of the public sector to develop sufficient housing units to meet demand or government targets.

"These figures highlight the need for the Welsh Government to get back on track in its provision of affordable homes, but also the need to launch the long-promised Mortgage Guarantee Scheme, agreed by the Welsh Liberal Democrats and Welsh Labour for the 2012-13 budget so as to enable first time buyers to take their first step on the housing ladder.

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