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“Flat lining Welsh Economy Needs to be addressed” – Eluned Parrott AM

2013 Mawrth 20 11:13 AM

Employment amongst adults across Wales still remains higher than England and higher than the UK average the latest figures show.

Unemployment in Wales stood at 8.4% a rise of 0.5% and still higher than the rate of 7.8% in England and the UK as a whole.

Commenting on the figures, Eluned Parrott AM, Welsh Liberal Democrat Economy Spokesperson said:

"The whole of the UK is facing difficult times.

"The Welsh Government have many economic tools at their disposal. It was 18 months ago today that Edwina Hart and Carwyn Jones unveiled Welsh Labour's attempt at copying England's Enterprise Zones. Since then, there has been little evidence on the ground that progress is being made or jobs are being created.

"We've seen the Welsh Government bid against Cardiff Council for two multi-million pound parcels of land in the Cardiff Enterprise Zone, but we still have no idea when construction will start or by what criteria the Government will judge if they are successful. By comparison Birmingham's Enterprise Zone aims to create 4,000 private sector jobs and boost its local economy by £2.8 billion per year.

"Carwyn Jones and Edwina Hart urgently need to step up a gear if Wales isn't to fall further behind."