Welsh Liberal Democrats deliver on number one manifesto pledge

2013 Mawrth 20 1:59 PM

Responding to today's Budget announcement, Kirsty Williams, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats commented:

"The Welsh Liberal Democrats have today accomplished our number one manifesto pledge by raising the tax threshold all the way to £10,000. We are ensuring that 130,000 of the lowest paid workers in Wales will be lifted completely out of the income tax system while over a million people will receive a £700 tax cut. This is an historic achievement and one that will greatly help hard working families in Wales.

"Getting our economy back on track is the number one priority for the Welsh Liberal Democrats. For that reason, I very much welcome the increase in capital spending that Wales is receiving from this budget. The Welsh Government's spending power will be increasing by £104 million over the next two years. For too long, this Welsh Labour Government has allowed Wales' economy to fall behind the rest of the UK. We need the Welsh Labour Government to use this money to get our economy moving and to tackle the extremely high unemployment levels we have in Wales. I urge the Welsh Government to bring forward shovel ready projects so work can start immediately.

"This is a budget that delivers Welsh Liberal Democrat policies to help families with the cost of living and invest in the future of our economy, while making responsible choices to deal with the financial problems Labour left us with. The Welsh Liberal Democrats are building a stronger economy in a fairer society enabling every person to get on in life."

Mark Williams, Welsh Liberal Democrat Spokesperson on Welsh Affairs commented:

"As a representative for a rural constituency, fuel prices are a particularly toxic matter which is why I have relentlessly been calling for Labour's planned fuel duty increase to scrapped. I am therefore delighted that Liberal Democrats in Government have cancelled the Fuel Duty rise which will help owners of the 1.8 million motor vehicles in Wales. Fuel duty in real terms is forecast to fall over this parliament by 11per cent. Had the Coalition Government stuck with Labour's plan, rates would have increased by 7 per cent.

"I also welcome the announcement that every business and charity in Wales will be entitled to a £2,000 Employment Allowance to reduce their employer National Insurance Contributions bill each year. This will benefit 35,000 businesses in Wales, with 20,000 of these businesses taken out of employer NICs altogether. This is a tax off jobs and will be a huge help in getting our economy moving."

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