Tory MEPs unite with UKIP to jeopardise fight against climate change

2013 Ebrill 18 10:26 AM

Alec Dauncey, Welsh Liberal Democrat European candidate, has spoken of his dismay that Conservative and UKIP MEPs united by voting against proposals that would have stopped industry putting huge amounts of carbon into the atmosphere.

The vote was only lost by 19 votes, which means that if the Conservatives had voted differently, then the proposals would have passed.

The vote looked to clarify provisions on the timing of auctions of greenhouse gas allowances.

Alec Dauncey commented:

"This vote highlights once again that Tory MEPs cannot be trusted on the environment. This vote was critical in the fight against climate change as it would have raised the carbon price and levelled the playing field for Welsh and British industry. Sadly, the Tories collaborated with UKIP MEPs to oppose these important plans.

"This is yet another case of the Tories saying one thing in the UK, but doing another in Europe. Their vote has completely undermined both the Coalition Government and the European Commission's carbon cutting policies.

"Liberal Democrats in the Coalition have ensured that the UK Government has strong green credentials and is working to cut our greenhouse gases output. The Tories not only voted against UK Government policy, but they also voted against Britain's best interests and those of our planet.

"As someone who has worked extensively on environmental issues, I understand how serious votes like these are. Sadly, the Tories are still at least a decade behind and refuse to wake up to the importance of climate change. If elected I would stand up for Wales and be a strong voice in Europe in defence of green issues. The Conservatives have let both the planet and businesses in Wales down with this vote."

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