William Powell AM calls for greater mental health and chronic pain management service for farmers in rural Wales

2013 Ebrill 18 1:02 PM

William Powell, Welsh Liberal Democrat spokesperson for Natural Resources and Food, has called on Wales' new Health Minister - Mark Drakeford AM - to do more to ensure that greater support is given to mental health and chronic pain management services across Wales in light of the recent misfortunes suffered by the farming community.

William Powell, Member for Mid and West Wales, said:

"The devastation resulting from the recent snow storms has caused a significant degree of stress and mental anguish to Welsh farmers. As such it is essential that the Welsh Government moves to ensure that sufficient additional funding is given to our farming support organisations so that they are able to meet this surge in demand.

"While I welcome the moves made by Alun Davies AM yesterday in this regard, it is critical that the Welsh Government adopts a joined up approach which fully includes the Health and Social Services department.

"In providing that support we must also safeguard easy access to the chronic pain management services that Welsh farmers often become depend on in later life.

"Bronllys Hospital in Powys provides a Pain Management Programme which is unique in offering a specific residential service for chronic pain management, and is recognised as a Wales wide centre of excellence. It is simply wrong that this unit is not easily accessible to residents outside of Powys. I have today called on the Welsh Government to review this to ensure an equitable service for those suffering chronic pain from all parts of Wales."

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