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Mark Williams debates plight of sheep farmers following recent spell of bad weather

2013 Ebrill 30 11:22 AM

Ceredigion's Welsh Liberal Democrat MP, Mark Williams, has spoken in a debate in the House of Commons this week on Upland Sheep Farmers, following the recent poor weather conditions which have had a huge impact on the livelihood of hill farmers.

During the debate, MPs discussed the unique conditions being faced by hill farmers this year and the effects of these conditions. The Minister discussed some of the measures being taken to assist farmers, Mark Williams specially raising the issue of EU regulations on burial rights in these exceptional circumstances.

Commenting Mark Williams said:

'Even before the recent bought of snow, this was a tough year for farmers. Following the snow, the situation has got worse. Some of the tales from MPs of farmers across Wales being relayed during the debate were heartbreaking.

'The Minister highlighted the geographical aspect of the issue, two farms close by each other sometimes being affected to a totally different extent by the conditions. And whilst the Minister acknowledged that the measures being taken can't provide a complete answer, I am pleased that steps are being taken to help - such as the £250,000 made available from DEFRA to reimburse farmers for the cost of removing animals that died on-farm through asphyxiation, starvation or hypothermia, or the donation from the Welsh Assembly of half a million pounds to charities which will help farmers deal with the stress of the situation.

'The impact of this Winter will be felt by farmers for many months to come, and the Government must be reminded of this, and continue to offer assistance.'