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Kirsty Williams attacks Tory plans to charge for healthcare

2013 Mai 1 3:20 PM

Kirsty Williams has today labelled Welsh Conservative plans that would force people, who are injured whilst exercising, to pay for their care, as 'ridiculous' and 'dangerous'.

The Welsh Conservative Health Spokesperson, Darren Millar, took to the airwaves this morning to launch his party's new policy to charge 'irresponsible' patients for their use of the NHS. During the phone-in, Mr Millar seemingly acknowledged that people injured, for example whilst skiing or rock-climbing, should pay for their healthcare due to the 'high-risk' nature of the activities.

Kirsty Williams, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, commented:

"The Welsh Conservatives have completely lost the plot with these ridiculous plans.

"We should be encouraging people to be participating in group activities to help keep themselves fit, instead the Tories are threatening to force people to pay for healthcare should they happen to injure themselves.

"These absurd plans are clearly unworkable, but there is a more serious issue here - the Welsh Conservatives want to remove the basic principle of the NHS being free at the point of use. Their plans would set a dangerous precedent and would be very much a slippery slope to a healthcare service that is no longer universal. Once again the Tories are revealing their true colours with these plans."