Welsh Government needs to deliver on Low Carbon ambitions – William Powell AM

2013 Mai 14 2:43 PM

William Powell AM, Welsh Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Energy, has called on the Welsh Government to deliver on their Low Carbon ambitions in the wake of the First Minister's Energy Wales update today.

William Powell AM, Welsh Liberal Democrat for Mid and West Wales, said:

"Despite Welsh Government policy being big on rhetoric regarding green energy and a low carbon transition, we continue to be confronted with relatively little quantifiable progress as a direct result of specific Welsh Government action.

"While the sector enjoys significant support across Wales, there continues to be a sense that we are a difficult country in which to do business, and that we lack strong leadership at the top of government.

"In order for Wales to build a long term sustainable economic future we must all ensure that supply chains, community projects and benefits are placed at the very centre of energy policy development.

"When the First Minister formed his Government in 2011 he stated that this term was meant to be about delivery. The Welsh economy cannot afford a further thirteen years of stagnation."

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