Ambulance response times target missed for 11th successive month

2013 Mai 29 1:13 PM

The Welsh Labour Government's ambulance response times target has been missed today for the eleventh successive month.

The response time target is for 65% of life-threatening calls to receive an ambulance within eight minutes.  In April this target was missed, as only 57.2% of calls were responded to within this time.

The Ambulance Trust also has an internal target for 52% of life-threatening calls to arrive within 4 minutes, yet in April only 25.9% of ambulances arrived within this time.

Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, Kirsty Williams, commented:

"The Welsh Labour Government has failed to meet its response times target for nearly a year now.  This continued failureis hugely disappointing and just goes to show how dismally the Welsh Labour Government has handled our ambulance service.  Sadly, these figures show Wales has by far the worst urgent response times in mainland UK. 

"Following the Ambulance Review, the Health Minister has stated that the eight minute target is to remain - a decision I fully support.  This target is vital for us to be able to track how our ambulance service is performing compared to the rest of the UK.  At the moment, we are a long way behind the rest of the UK.   

"I recognise there were a huge amount of calls made in April and there has certainly been improvement compared to the dire figures from the previous month, but we are still a long way off from receiving even an adequate service. 

"Working for the Ambulance Service is an incredibly difficult job and we are all hugely thankful of the work they do, but at the moment the are forced to work in what is clearly a failing system provided by the Welsh Labour Government."

Beth hoffech chi ei wneud nesaf?