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Welsh Government actions on River Lodge “completely unacceptable” – Aled Roberts

2013 Mehefin 4 9:10 AM

Responding to the Public Accounts Committee report into the acquisition of the River Lodge Hotel in Llangollen, Aled Roberts, Member of the Committee and North Wales Welsh Liberal Democrat AM said:

"This is probably the most troubling of the many reports which the Public Accounts Committee has considered since I became a member of the committee. It is not only the fact that over a million pounds of public money has been spent in a manner which the committee decided was not a good use of public funds but the sheer incompetence exposed during our investigation.

"It is completely unacceptable that Welsh taxpayers' money has been mis-spent like this. We know that the Welsh Government's grant system has come under scrutiny on previous occasions and the Government failed to act at the time. It is imperative that the Welsh Labour Government listens to the recommendations made in this report to ensure that we don't see money wasted like this again.

"It is also unacceptable that the committee was unable to fully investigate changes that were made to a report prepared for the Government because the Welsh Government refused to provide us with details of the tracked changes, meaning that we were unable to come to a firm conclusion with regard to the conflicting evidence we received."