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Welsh Labour Government update bumf will just be another spin exercise - Kirsty Williams

2013 Mehefin 4 12:06 PM

Kirsty Williams, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, has today given the Welsh Labour Government another opportunity to publish specific and measurable targets in their programme for government so that the people of Wales themselves can asses the performance of the Labour Government.

Five months after the Welsh Labour Government was formed back in 2011, a programme for government was published setting out what they hoped to achieve by 2016. The document lacked detail and measurable targets by which the Welsh Labour Government could measure success.

Since 2011, the Welsh Liberal Democrats have called for the Welsh Labour Government to provide detail and specific targets to motivate the government to improve our health service, the standard of education and the strength of our economy.

Kirsty Williams said:

"Whatever bumf the Welsh Labour Government comes out with today, it is going to be of little meaning and value to Assembly Members and the people of Wales.

"In 2016, the people of Wales should have an opportunity to judge the Welsh Labour Government on what they promised in their manifesto in 2011 and how much they have achieved in their five year term in office.

"When the programme for government was launched, albeit five months after Labour formed the government, we had been waiting for a detailed roadmap of what the Government planned to achieve. Instead all we received were vague statements with very little concrete targets to take Wales forward.

"For all the spin, colourful documents and pretty pictures, the people of Wales know that their health services are the worst in whole of the UK. We've seen ambulance response times fall to a worrying low, cancer waiting times unacceptably high and an intolerable number of people waiting more than eight hours in our A&E departments.

"On education, the Welsh Labour Government gets a definitive 'F'. One of the Welsh Labour Government's key measures to track progress on education is the percentage of schools graded as good or excellent by Estyn. It is a fact that this percentage has decreased over the last year, proving once again the Welsh Labour Government is failing to meet its own vague aspirations. To make matters worse, six Local Education Authorities are currently in special measures due to systemic failure. That makes up over 65,000 pupils who have been let down by this lacklustre Welsh Labour Government.

"The Welsh Labour Government's record of creating a stronger economy doesn't get much better either. While England has been ploughing ahead with setting up Enterprise Zones, in Wales no permanent jobs have been created, no bricks laid nor a single planning application made in our enterprise zones. Welsh exports have fallen around 10% over the last quarter, being the largest fall in exports in the UK and similarly the number of visitors to Wales has fallen compared with the rest of the UK.

"I want to see the Welsh Labour Government set ambitious targets as motivation for themselves and for the people of Wales to be able to judge how well their government is performing. It seems that this Labour Government is averse to scrutiny, preferring to hide behind nice looking documents and confounding people with data that is of little relevance or importance."