First Minister cannot say when Cardiff's Enterprise Zone will create jobs

2013 Mehefin 4 4:22 PM

Eighteen months after the launch of Enterprise Zones in Wales, the First minister cannot say when Cardiff's Financial Services Zone will create a single new job. Challenged by Liberal Democrat Assembly Member Eluned Parrott to name the day when the first permanent private sector job will be created in Cardiff's Enterprise Zone, Labour's First Minister was unable to provide an answer.

Eluned Parrott Liberal Democrat Assembly Member for South Wales Central said:

"The Cardiff Enterprise Zone was announced in a wave of publicity by the Economy Minister in September 2011 but so far not a single brick has been laid, no planning applications have been and not a single job can be shown to have been created. This policy is descending into a shambles, and it's the people of Cardiff who are paying.

"Last year Cardiff Labour run Council had plans to build a new Council HQ in the middle of this enterprise Zone, which is of course designed for new and private sector jobs. The Welsh Government and the population of Cardiff where quite rightly appalled by this move but what they and I want to see now are firm plans on what our Government and our council are going to do to create new jobs. So far we haven't heard anything, apart from excuses."

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