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'Pages and pages of self congratulatory bumf'- Kirsty Williams

2013 Mehefin 4 4:44 PM

Responding to the Welsh Government's programme for government statement, Kirsty Williams said:

"As I rightly suspected, the Welsh Labour Government published pages and pages of self congratulatory bumf with little meaning or use to Assembly Members or the people of Wales.

"The actions they describe as key to delivering their promises vary from merely attending meetings and launching consultations to congratulating themselves on introducing legislation to the chamber. It is a less than useful analysis of the state of the government's programme of action and the state of Wales in general.

"The Welsh Labour Government could have published baseline figures and an end target for many of their aspirations and promises so that people could judge how well they performed by the next set of elections. Instead, we received more spin and bumf from a lacklustre Labour government."