“Welsh Government must investigate school transport provision” says Aled Roberts

2013 Mehefin 6 9:36 AM

Aled Roberts, Welsh Liberal Democrat AM for North Wales and Shadow Minister for Education in the Assembly, has called on the Transport Minister, Edwina Hart, to investigate charges being paid by schoolchildren to travel to and from school.

Commenting, Aled Roberts said:

"Charges for subsidised school transport are increasing as local authorities look to find ways of dealing with cuts in their funding from the Welsh Government. In many areas these services are being withdrawn completely.

"In Wrexham, the supported public transport grant was cut for 2013-14, leading to increased charges for children and young people using the service to get to and from school.

"The situation has now been exacerbated by commercial companies undercutting fares on busy routes, putting a strain on the viability of the subsidised service, whilst in other areas there is no alternative provider and the increased fares have to be paid.

"Finding the extra money is particularly difficult for families with more than one child using the bus and I am calling on the Minister to discuss with local authorities the more effective planning of bus routes to see where provision can be improved."

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