‘Chaotic financial management from LHBs must be a thing of the past’ – Kirsty Williams

2013 Mehefin 10 2:55 PM

Responding to the First Minister's announcement that the NHS financial regime will now operate on a three year cycle, rather than the current one-year cycle, Kirsty Williams, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats commented:

"The constant cycle of end of year bailouts was completely unsustainable. Therefore it makes sense for this system to be altered. It will hopefully allow Local Health Boards an opportunity to plan for the longer term, rather than being forced to make sharp unplanned cuts at the end of each year - cuts that could affect patient care and safety.

"In the past some Health Boards have started the financial year without even having plans in place to meet their statutory duty to break even. Such chaotic financial management now needs to be a thing of the past. A three year regime should allow Health Boards to have comprehensive and realistic plans in place.

"Despite pretending otherwise, the Welsh Labour Government has consistently bailed out Local Health Boards when they have failed to break even. This pattern must not be allowed to continue. Hopefully this three year regime is a more realistic target for LHBs to meet and failure to do so will not be tolerated by this Welsh Labour Government."

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