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“Universities Week must herald a more successful and sustainable HE sector” says Aled Roberts

2013 Mehefin 11 10:00 AM

Commenting ahead of Universities Week in the Senedd, Aled Roberts, Welsh Liberal Democrat AM for North Wales and Shadow Minister for Education in the Assembly said:

"Universities Week is an ideal opportunity for us to reflect on the value of the University sector to the Welsh economy.

"Despite the Education Minister's emphasis on Higher Education, it is clear that there is still a great deal of work which needs to be done to raise performance in Wales and to get at least one of our universities into the top 50.

"It is also clear that restructuring higher education institutions in Wales is far too simplistic as a means of achieving improved outcomes.

"Wales needs an internationally competitive HE sector coupled with the ability to attract able students who will then add to research capacity and improve performance overall. At the heart of that aim must be a sustainable student funding package.

"Universities Week should not only raise awareness, it should focus people's minds on plans to deliver a more successful and sustainable HE sector for Wales."