‘Report shows money is there, but it must be spent wisely’- Peter Black

2013 Mehefin 11 4:33 PM

Responding the publication of the 'Wales Infrastructure and Investment Plan for Growth and Jobs', Peter Black, Welsh Liberal Democrat Shadow Finance Minister, commented:

"Barely a day in the chamber passes without the Welsh Labour Government complaining about the lack of resources available to them. Yet, as this report illustrates, funding from the UK Government is nowhere near as bad as the Welsh Government would have you believe. There is still scope to make a real difference to the lives of the people of Wales.

"It is imperative that the Welsh Labour Government ensures that Welsh businesses benefit from this expenditure. The Welsh Labour Government needs to be releasing land on a realistic scale that will help Welsh businesses, otherwise it is possible that large corporations will simply swoop in and buy the majority of the land. It is not enough to spend money, we need to make sure this money is spent wisely that will truly benefit the Welsh economy."

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