Peter Black welcomes passing of ‘excessive council pay’ amendment

2013 Mehefin 18 5:15 PM

Responding to the passing of an amendment to the Local Democracy Bill that ensures that council chief executives' pay will be referred to an independent remuneration panel, Peter Black, Shadow Minister for Local Government, commented:

"The Welsh Liberal Democrats made clear that we would not support the Local Democracy Bill until the Welsh Labour Government made moves to tackle excessive council pay. I am pleased that we, working alongside the other opposition parties, have forced the Welsh Labour Government's hand on this.

"For too long some council officials have been handing themselves huge salary increases while at the same time making cuts to local services. That, quite rightly, has riled many people.

"Decisions regarding pay must be made in the open and be seen to be transparent. The new mechanism that has been put in place by the Local Government Minister will make it clearer for local people to see how their council is spending their money, while at the same time not undermining local democracy."

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