Hydropower essential to keeping the lights on - William Powell AM

2013 Mehefin 20 1:13 PM

William Powell AM, Welsh Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Energy and Environment, has this week visited a small scale hydropower site in the Brecon Beacons National Park to see the potential the technology has to strengthen the rural economy and the green sector.

William Powell, Welsh Liberal Democrat Member for Mid and West Wales, said:

"It was great to meet up with TGV Hydro Ltd and see a small scale hydropower site in action.

"Hydropower has a massive potential throughout Wales, and I look forward to seeing the industry expanding over the coming years. It is a highly efficient, low impact means of generating power - and of keeping the lights on, especially as energy security is becoming such a key issue.

"The potential is particularly high within the community energy sector, as each scheme has the ability to feed into local grids and power our rural towns and villages with minimal impact on the landscape.

"I was also impressed to learn that much of the equipment used in this scheme in the Black Mountains, between Hay on Wye and Talgarth, was manufactured in Wales. This goes to show the significant positive impact renewable technologies can have on the local and national Welsh economy.

"It is essential that the Welsh Government and Natural Resources Wales fully supports this sector, and that any changes to how hydropower schemes are regulated do not suffocate development unnecessarily."

Chris Blake, Director of TGV Hydro Ltd (part of The Green Valleys Community Interest Company), added:

"High-head micro hydro schemes like this one are ideal for Wales with high rainfall and hills.

"You need a stream that runs all year round and drop from intake to turbine (the "head") of at least 30m and you can be generating electricity and earning money through the Feed-in Tariff.

"TGV Hydro is a fast growing social enterprise that is developing high-head hydro schemes across Wales for farmers, landowners, and community groups."

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