Historic deal to put more money into Council housing welcomed

2013 Mehefin 25 10:39 AM

The Welsh Liberal Democrats Housing spokesperson, Peter Black has welcomed a deal between the Liberal Democrats' Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Danny Alexander and the Welsh Government that will see tens of millions of pounds retained in Wales to be spent on Council housing.

The deal, which was announced today, will see the Welsh Government and local councils buy themselves out of the Housing Revenue Subsidy system that in 2009-10, saw £86 million sent across the border to the Treasury from housing revenue accounts and £73 million this year.

This deal means that those 11 councils that have retained council homes will now each have between £2 million and £6 million extra each year to spend on improving their housing stock.

Commenting on the deal, Mr. Black said: "The Welsh Liberal Democrats and I have been campaigning for some considerable time to keep this money in Wales, and both Kirsty Williams and I have been working with our ministerial colleagues in Westminster to help facilitate that process. Some of this £33 million could be used to build new one and two bedroom homes to take pressure off councils brought about as a result of changes to housing benefit.

"I am delighted that a deal has now been struck that will ensure that more money will be available to local councils to invest in improving the homes of their tenants, to build new homes and to give Welsh Ministers and Councillors control over housing finance in Wales."

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