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Build super prison in North Wales urges Welsh Lib Dem AM

2013 Mehefin 25 3:31 PM

Aled Roberts, Welsh Liberal Democrat Assembly Member for North Wales, has today highlighted in the National Assembly the importance of attracting a new 'super' prison to be located in North Wales.

Aled Roberts AM commented:

"When I met with the UK Government ministers some months ago, it was clear that the UK Government would consider their prison building programme as part of the spending review. If that is the case then the Welsh Government can support the efforts of North Wales authorities to support their project.

"Going back to when I was leader of Wrexham Council, I have argued that there is a strong case for a new prison to be located in North Wales. Such a facility would certainly bring considerable economic benefits to our region and could potentially lead to the creation of over a thousand jobs. This investment would provide a significant economic boost in our region.

"Many prisoners from north Wales are imprisoned a long way outside of the region, which can then lead to a huge amount of emotional and financial strain for their families who have to travel such a long distance to visit. This problem is only further increased with regards to Welsh speakers having to be based in prisons in England.

"I, alongside my Welsh Liberal Democrat colleagues, have been working tirelessly with Liberal Democrat Ministers in London to ensure a prison in North Wales will become a reality."