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Democratiaid Rhyddfrydol Cymru


Welsh Liberal Democrats oppose the Welsh Government’s use of an Emergency Bill due to democratic deficit

2013 Gorffenaf 2 5:50 PM

William Powell AM, Welsh Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Rural Affairs, will today oppose the introduction of an unprecedented Emergency Bill in response to the UK Government's 2010 decision to abolish the Agricultural Wages Board.

William Powell AM, Welsh Liberal Democrat for Mid and West Wales, said:

"The use of an Emergency Bill this afternoon is both opportunistic and serves to undermine the democratic process.

"It is deeply disappointing to witness how the Welsh Labour Government is prepared to abuse its temporary majority to ram through legislation without allowing Assembly Committees and Members to scrutinise their proposals fully.

"The UK Government first suggested that the Agricultural Wages Board would be abolished back in 2010, and we have spent months debating its future in the National Assembly. Given this there is no credible way in which the current circumstances can be considered worthy of Emergency legislation.

"This is especially true given the fact that the Welsh Government previously refused the offer to take responsibility for the Welsh functions of the Agricultural Wages Board during the third Assembly.

"It is doubly disappointing that the Welsh Labour Government has chosen to announce this Bill while their own consultation into the future of the Agricultural Wages Board in Wales was still underway.

"The views of the public must be fully considered as part of the legislative process and not ignored - as the Welsh Labour Government is doing this afternoon."