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Alec Dauncey: EU roaming fees cut again

2013 Gorffenaf 2 6:06 PM

Welsh Liberal Democrat European candidate, Alec Dauncey, has welcomed the coming into force of new EU caps on mobile phone roaming fees this week, which will reduce the cost of data roaming by over a third and further reduce the cost of making calls and sending messages when visiting another EU country.

Alec Dauncey commented:

"These new rates have come just in time for families heading off on their summer holidays and will help to take the sting out of those shock mobile phone bills. Thanks to the new cap, the cost of data usage, checking your emails, social networks or GPS maps while abroad in another EU country will no longer be prohibitively expensive.

"Thousands of Brits heading to Croatia, which joined the EU this week, will be able to take advantage of a ten times reduction in roaming fees compared to last year.

"This is about freedom and fairness. It's about not being ripped off by the same multinational company charging one price one side of a border and far more on the other side of it. Countries need to work together in Europe to sort this sort of thing out.

"But there is still some way to go. Liberal Democrats in the European Parliament have been leading the campaign to end roaming charges in Europe once and for all. If elected, I will certainly be fighting on behalf of people in Wales to ensure they are free to travel without having to pay unfair fees to use their phone abroad."