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‘If this signifies a u-turn by Alun Davies, then it is to be welcomed’ – William Powell responds to Direct Payments announcement

2013 Gorffenaf 9 5:37 PM

Responding to the announcement that there is to be a review into the current Direct Payments system, Welsh Liberal Democrat Shadow Minister for Natural Resources and Food, William Powell AM, said:

"The Welsh Liberal Democrats have been campaigning relentlessly for the introduction of a scheme supporting farming in Wales' most challenging areas - something the Welsh Labour Government has hitherto consistently refused to do. I believe that this announcement potentially signifies a U-turn - and if so, it is to be welcomed.

"Every member state of the EU has some form of financial support for Less Favoured Areas. England and the devolved administrations in Scotland and Northern Ireland all have dedicated schemes of support for Less Favoured Areas. Everyone has come to understand how important this support is, yet this has previously passed the Welsh Labour Government by. I very much welcome the indication that the Minister is now more open to changing the current system.

"I urge farmers across Wales to contribute to this consultation to ensure that the Welsh Labour Government comes to the correct conclusion on this issue."