“Homebuyers being let down by Welsh Labour Government’- Peter Black

2013 Awst 13 2:33 PM

Peter Black AM has called on the Welsh Government to do more to support Wales' housing market after figures released today show that the housing stimulus programme in England has attracted 10,000 successful applications.

As part of the 2012-13 budget deal, the Welsh Liberal Democrats convinced the Welsh Government to implement a mortgage guarantee scheme. After taking over a year to formulate the scheme and despite setting the launch date for June 2013, the Welsh Government has failed to deliver on its promise.

Peter Black, Welsh Liberal Democrat Shadow Housing Minister, said:

"The promising figures published today in England only further highlight how home-buyers are being left high and dry by this Welsh Labour Government. This is stark contrast to buyers in England who are receiving support from the Coalition Government.

"The Coalition's Equity Loan scheme has been a huge help for buyers in England and has significantly boosted the construction industry. Sadly, thanks to a lack of action from the Welsh Labour Government, Welsh buyers are being left without support until the Coalition's UK-wide Mortgage Guarantee Scheme comes into force in January.

"The fact is that the Welsh Liberal Democrat mortgage guarantee scheme could have already helped many potential homeowners in Wales, yet the Welsh Government dragged its heels until it was too late. The failure of the Welsh Labour Government to get Newbuy Cymru off the ground has left Welsh buyers at a major disadvantage compared to those in England."

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