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‘Welsh Government must practice what it preaches' - Peter Black AM

2013 Awst 23 9:50 AM

The Welsh Government has been told to start practicing what it preaches by Peter Black AM, after a report by the National Assembly for Wales' Finance Committee revealed the Government lacked a "coherent approach" to asset management.

Peter Black, who originally called for the committee to investigate how the Welsh Government handles its assets, and is a Member of the Committee, commented:

"It's time for the Welsh Labour Government to start practicing what it preaches. While they are happy to instruct local councils to produce asset management plans, they themselves have so far failed to produce one of their own.

"This is, after all, tax payers' money they are badly managing. At a time when people are really struggling financially, they want to know that their taxes are going towards making Wales a better place. Often at times that appears not to be the case.

"In many respects, the Welsh Labour Government's organisation of properties around Wales is a shambles. It lacks any sort of coherence, which leads to yet more money being wasted.

"The Welsh Labour Government has said that it would like some 'flexibility in their delivery'. That, quite frankly, isn't good enough. Targets are vital if the Welsh Government are to start showing tax payers they are getting value for money."