‘Report reveals Welsh Labour’s dire record with our NHS’ – Kirsty Williams

2013 Medi 12 11:26 AM

Commenting on the report published today by the Auditor General for Wales looking at unscheduled care, Kirsty Williams, leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, said:

"When the four hour A&E waiting time target was missed in England, Labour in Westminster described the NHS as being in a state of chaos. They must feel a great sense of embarrassment when they look over the border to here in Wales where that particular target has never been met.

"As the report acknowledges, waiting times have generally increased over recent years with far too many patients, particularly the elderly, being forced to wait over 12 hours. It is a disgrace that anyone should have to wait that long.

"Time and time again, and from different Labour Health Ministers, we've had promises that things would significantly improve. However, whether it is ambulances or A&E waiting times, Welsh patients still have to put up with the longest waiting lists in the UK. That is Welsh Labour's shameful record with our NHS.

"It's a concern that we are not being told whether bed numbers will be further reduced following the on-going health reorganisation across Wales. This would have a huge impact on our health service and the people of Wales have a right to know."

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