Aled Roberts AM calls for free school meals policy in Wales

2013 Medi 18 11:04 AM

Aled Roberts, Welsh Liberal Democrat Education spokesperson, has called on the Welsh Labour government to use the money which will come to Wales as a result of today's school meals announcement in England to be used to fund a similar scheme.

As a result of Nick Clegg's announcement today of free school meals for every child in infant schools in England, Wales is set to receive around £30m under the Barnett Formula.

Commenting, Aled Roberts said:

"The Liberal Democrats understand the financial strain families across the UK are under and we are doing all we can to help people in difficult times.

"The Welsh Liberal Democrats are calling on the money that will come from the Treasury, following this announcement, to fund a similar programme in Wales.

"Families across the UK spend around £400 on school meals in a year. The announcement by Nick Clegg at the Liberal Democrat conference will help the family budget. We want to see the Welsh Labour government do something similar to ease the pressure families in Wales are under.

"In government, the Liberal Democrats have already increased income tax threshold, giving workers across the country a £600 tax break. This announcement is another way we are helping families who are feeling the squeeze.

"Former Welsh Liberal Democrat AM Jenny Randerson introduced legislation to make school meals healthier. Research shows that children who get a healthy meal in school have better attainment levels and concentrations.

"I support this announcement and hope to see the Welsh Labour government follow suit."

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