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Minister marks 2nd anniversary of Enterprise Zone by remaining clueless on job creation

2013 Medi 20 9:58 AM

Two years after the announcement of Wales' Enterprise Zones, Edwina Hart has failed to prove that she has created a single job in Cardiff's Enterprise Zone.

Eluned Parrott has asked Labour's Economy Minister how many jobs have been created in Cardiff's Enterprise Zone as a direct result of government action over the past two years, yet Business Minister Edwina Hart has refused to give a figure.

Eluned Parrott Liberal Democrat shadow Economy Minister said:

"I am appalled that this Welsh Labour Government still can't show us that a single job has been created in their Cardiff Enterprise Zone.

"This flagship policy was launched in a hurry and is now drifting rudderless towards the rocks.

"After two years of indecision we have no strategy, no targets and, crucially no jobs in our capital city's Enterprise Zone.

"The Welsh Government has conditionally agreed spent £15 million buying an empty office block which was planned long before the Enterprise Zone was created and Edwina Hart has admitted that 'No decisions have been made regarding leasing [or] sales at this time.'

"The public, businesses and job seekers want to see progress, two years is too long to wait. By now we should have seen businesses move in and new positions filled.

"Instead we've seen inaction, public squabbles over land with their Labour council colleagues and Wales getting left behind again.

"The Welsh Government needs a major rethink of its Enterprise Zone policy. We are seeing Enterprise Zones in Bristol and Liverpool going from strength to strength, with new offices and factories built and jobs created, whilst here in Cardiff we have empty plots of land and a £15million office block bought with no current plan.

"Cardiff and businesses deserve better than this."