Wales receives consequential funding through HS2

2013 Hydref 22 5:20 PM

Commenting on the Finance Minister's letter to the Finance Committee confirming that Wales has already received consequential funding thanks to the UK Government's spending on HS2, Peter Black, Shadow Minister for Finance said:

"It is welcome news that Wales has received extra investment from the UK Government due to the HS2 project.

"As HS2 is very much a long term project with large amounts of funding being allocated to it each year, I hope that Wales will continue to receive consequentials in the future.

"I find it bizarre that the Welsh Labour Government has decided to inform the Assembly of this news in such a low key manner. It's as if they have tried to slip the news out as they are embarrassed that previously they have argued that Wales wouldn't get an HS2 consequential.

"It is absolutely right that Wales benefits from this project and we welcome the investment by the UK Government."

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