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Job loss figures are a stark reminder of life outside the EU - Alec Dauncey

2013 Tachwedd 5 3:59 PM

Leaving the European Union could spark the loss of tens of thousands of jobs in Wales, the Welsh Liberal Democrats have said today.

Analysis of figures from a YouGov poll revealed around 2,601 businesses in the region could face closure if Britain withdrew from the EU.

It could mean job losses of up to 41,510 as companies battle with life outside the world's biggest single market.

European candidate Alec Dauncey said:

"As the party of 'in', Liberal Democrats believe our focus should be on sustaining economic recovery and creating more jobs in the region.

"That means reforming the EU to make it easier for local businesses to expand their exports, both to Europe and the rest of the world. It also means working together with other countries on things like working conditions and carbon emissions, all part of being in a global economy.

"These figures are a stark reminder of the importance of EU membership for businesses and the jobs they support in the region. Put simply: it's in Europe, in work."

Spokesperson on European issues in the National Assembly, Eluned Parrott said:

"UKIP and many Tories who say we should withdraw from the EU have some difficult questions to answer about how these businesses would be replaced.

"Behind these figures there are real people supporting real families. When throwing anti-Europe rhetoric around, people should be mindful of that and realise how devastating to people's lives leaving the European Union could be."