‘Staggering how long it’s taken for Equity Scheme to be up and running’ – Peter Black AM

2013 Tachwedd 25 2:35 PM

Responding to the launch of the Welsh Government's housing equity scheme 'Help to Buy', Peter Black, Welsh Liberal Democrat Shadow Housing Minister, said:

"It is staggering how long it has taken the Welsh Labour Government to get this scheme up and running.

"The UK Coalition's Equity Loan scheme has been a huge help for buyers in England and has significantly boosted the construction industry. Sadly, due to a lack of action from the Welsh Labour Government, Welsh buyers have been left without this vital support up until now. I am pleased that at long last this scheme has finally been launched.

"The number of completions of new homes in the first quarter of 2013/14 was down 10% on the previous year. This is particularly worrying considering the increase in demand for homes. I believe this scheme will go some way not only to help people buy their own home, but will also offer a much needed boost for the construction industry."

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