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Welsh Government must have courage to go further to tackle animal welfare – William Powell AM

2013 Rhagfyr 10 6:49 PM

William Powell AM, Welsh Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Rural Affairs, has supported the Control of Horses (Wales) Bill in the Senedd this evening and called on the Welsh Government to go further and have the courage to address animal welfare issues across Wales.

William Powell AM, Mid and West Wales, said:

"While I am genuinely pleased to see the Bill pass today, I am disappointed that the Welsh Government has not had the courage to use it as an opportunity to address some of the longstanding animal welfare issues which inspired their decision to bring the legislation forward.

"Despite what the Minister claims, fly-grazing and abandonment is inherently linked to animal welfare and should be seen as such.

"I am therefore disappointed that the Welsh Government has refused to commit to including appropriate horse microchipping as part of this Bill. Instead it has chosen to rely on those who have, by definition, already committed a fly-grazing offence to undergo a Damascene change in their behaviour."