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Mark Williams asks Secretary of State for Wales to secure funding for storm damaged areas

2014 Ionawr 8 3:03 PM

Ceredigion's Welsh Liberal Democrat MP Mark Williams has asked the Secretary of State for Wales in today Question session in the House of Commons, about additions funds for Ceredigion and other flood and storm damaged areas of the UK, following the recent weather.

Asking whether there would be any additional funding made available to Wales following the terrible damage to our coastline in Ceredigion, the Secretary of State confirmed that if and when payments are made to pay for flood damage in England, Barnett Consequential funding will be calculated and given to Wales in the usual way.

Commenting, Mark Williams said:

'I am glad the Secretary of State noted the extreme damage Ceredigion has been subjected too over the past few days. The bill to repair the damage which has been cause will be incredibly costly, and the Local Authority will need all the assistance it can get. I hope the EU may also be able to offer some assistance, as I understand it has done in the past in similar situations.

'Having visited the flood affected families across the county over the past few days, from Cardigan up to Borth, I know this support is much needed. Our local communities have pulled together in this time of struggle, but now we need help to rebuild them.'

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