Welsh Labour Government has “no answers” over health inequality, says Kirsty Williams

2014 Mai 6 6:08 PM

Outside portraitThe Welsh Labour Government has "no answers" over widening health inequalities in Wales, according to Welsh Liberal Democrat Leader Kirsty Williams AM.

Figures seen by the Welsh Lib Dems show that inequalities in key indicators, such as low birth weights and cancer incidence rates, have worsened since the current Welsh Labour Government came into power in 2011.

The figures show that parts of the First Minister's own Bridgend constituency has a death rate over five times higher than parts of Ceredigion, and in parts of Cardiff a baby is over 26 times more likely to be born underweight than in parts of Wrexham. Kirsty Williams challenged the First Minister on these figures today at First Minister's Questions. He was unable to name any relevant initiatives or programmes that were working to address these issues, and instead referred to programmes such as Jobs Growth Wales.

Following First Minister's Questions, Kirsty Williams AM said:

"After FMQs today, it's clear that the First Minister has no answers to the issue of health inequalities. The Programme for Government that the First Minister is so fond of quoting has an entire section on how important reducing health inequalities is to his administration, but the reality is that health inequalities are getting worse under his watch.

"No amount of ducking behind the Westminster government, or navel-gazing over Jobs Growth Wales, will hide the fact that the health of Welsh people is still being determined by their postcode. The Welsh Labour Government needs to face up to its failures: their NHS is failing its staff, failing its patients and failing Wales."

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