Improved democratic accountability vital to future National Park governance

2014 Mehefin 3 6:33 PM

William Powell portrait (Richard Thomas)William Powell AM has renewed his call for improved democratic accountability from Welsh National Parks to the communities they serve, as part of the Welsh Government's review into the governance of designated landscapes.

William Powell AM, Welsh Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for the Environment, said:

"National Parks occupy a unique place in Welsh culture and make a major contribution to the rural Welsh economy. While they are in urgent need of reform, I strongly oppose their abolition.

"We must ensure that park authorities are directly accountable to the communities within them, and that those communities are given a direct say in their representatives on the respective authority.

"Together with Liberal Democrats across the United Kingdom, I have been campaigning on this for a number of years, and it remains something which I hope to see delivered in the months and years ahead.

"Regardless of where reforms lead us, National Parks must continue to exist. Their operations and governance structures should, however, be improved to foster, rather than stifle, economic development and job creation within their boundaries."

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