Welsh Lib Dems would scrap subsidy for North-South air service

2014 Gorffenaf 22 12:51 PM

Aled Roberts portraitFollowing the publication of the Public Accounts Committee's report on the subsidised air service between Cardiff and Anglesey, Aled Roberts, Welsh Liberal Democrat member of the Public Accounts committee and Assembly Member for North Wales, said:

"The Welsh Liberal Democrats would scrap this wasteful and polluting subsidy. This costly venture does little to address the real problems of public transport links between North and South.

"People in North Wales have gained little from this service. The evidence given to the committee raised serious questions with regard to the value for money this subsidy provides. There is also the issue that passenger numbers have fallen by 43% since their peak in 2009.

"Rail links are far more important for my region than this service. Any public money should be spent on improving rail links between the North and Cardiff."

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