Wales must unite in call for more powers

2014 Medi 19 6:41 AM

Kirsty at conference rally Glasgow 2013Welcoming the decision of the people of Scotland to reject separation from the United Kingdom, the Welsh Liberal Democrats are calling for the parties of Wales to unite in a call for the devolution of powers to a fully functioning Welsh Parliament.

Following the result, Kirsty Williams has challenged the other Welsh parties to fully sign up to the recommendations of the second Silk commission, as the Liberal Democrats have already done.

Kirsty Williams AM, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, said:

"I am delighted that the people of Scotland have chosen to remain part of the United Kingdom. This is good news for Scotland and the rest of the United Kingdom, Wales included. However it's clear that the UK will never be the same again, and as the entire country discusses its future Wales must not be left behind.

"I'm absolutely clear that all parties must unite and speak with one voice as we call for power to be brought closer to the people of Wales. If we don't, there is a huge threat that our nation could be marginalised and our voice diminished.

"Labour and the Conservatives need to get their houses in order and make it clear to the people of Wales about where they stand on devolving powers. I challenge all parties to fully sign up to the recommendations of the second Silk commission as the Liberal Democrats have already done.

"Wales needs its own say on taxation, policing, rail franchising, large energy projects and much more. Any further dithering on these powers will cost Wales dearly.

"Liberal Democrats will continue to be the driving force behind bringing power closer to the people, fighting for a federal UK. We must unite to promote and build a new Union, not continue to stubbornly defend the old. Wales must have a properly functioning Parliament of its own, and I will not accept anything less for our nation."

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