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Number of Welsh people out of work goes UP while UK average falls

2014 Tachwedd 12 10:28 AM

Today's unemployment figures for Wales show an increase in Welsh unemployment and the historical gap in unemployment rates compared to the UK average remains.

Unemployment across Wales rose in the last month by 4,000 whilst the UK as a whole saw a fall. Compared to this time last year, unemployment in Wales is down 1.1%, compared to 1.7% across the UK as a whole.

The Welsh workforce has grown from 1,457,000 to 1,472,000, but the unemployment rate has grown too from 6.5% to 6.6%.

Eluned Parrott AM, Welsh Liberal Democrat Shadow Economy Minister, said:

"For months, the Welsh economy under Labour has been beginning to stagnate. The last few months has seen Welsh unemployment fall at a slower rate than the rest of the UK, but we've now seen the number of Welsh people out of work actually increase. It's obviously good news that the size of the workforce has grown, but that doesn't hide the fact that there are more people looking for work in Wales today than there were a month ago.

"Labour's mismanagement of the Welsh economy is in stark contrast to the Liberal Democrats' actions in the UK Government. Thanks to the Lib Dems, there are record numbers in work across the UK and our economy is growing, but once again we see Wales lagging behind the UK as a whole, Scotland and Northern Ireland. We must ask why 6.6% of our workforce is out of work and why other parts of the UK are continuing to grow and recover faster.

"The Welsh Labour Government should stop wasting money on inefficient schemes like Jobs Growth Wales and reinvest the money to tackle the issue of long-term unemployment that Wales faces, or risk leaving another generation behind."