Aled Roberts writes: Free school breakfasts fall short of helping poorest pupils

2014 Tachwedd 28 11:18 AM

Aled Roberts AM talking with pupilsOn the 10th anniversary of free school breakfasts in Wales, Welsh Liberal Democrat Shadow Education Minister Aled Roberts writes...

Despite free school breakfasts having been in place for ten years now, still only one in every five children are benefitting from them. A significant number of our poorest children aren't even getting free breakfasts, which means this scheme is falling short of the Welsh Government's original aims.

The Welsh Lib Dems want every infant in Wales to receive a free hot lunch at school. Provision at lunchtime will ensure that all children will benefit, not just the ones who can get to school early, and the evidence shows that a decent lunch is more effective than breakfasts in improving concentration in lessons and increasing pupil attainment.

Having already delivered free school lunches in England, Liberal Democrats in Government have given the Welsh Labour Government money to introduce this in Wales too - which they've spent elsewhere. As a result, Welsh infants are missing out on a free healthy meal at lunchtime and their families are £400 a year worse off.

Do you want all infants in Wales to receive a free school lunch every day? Click here now to sign our petition.

Listen to Aled Roberts' reaction below.

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