This Year's Welsh Autumn Conference took palce at the Castle Hotel in Brecon on Saturday, 13th October.


Conference delegates heard speeches from the Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats Kirsty Williams AM, Party Presidents Tim Farron MP and Christine Humphreys, UK Government Assistant Whip Jenny Willott MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Wales Baroness Jenny Randerson, and Cardiff South and Penarth Parliamentary candidate Dr Bablin Molik.

To read Kirsty's speech, please click here.

Policy Consultations

There were three major policy consultation sessions (by clicking the links below, you can download a copy of the relevant consultation paper):


The hospital chaplaincy motion passed, which means that it is now party policy to divert the £1.3m currently being spent each year on the Welsh chaplaincy service into front-line health services.

The energy motion passed with some admendents, therefore the policy committee has agreed to review the party's policies on renewable energy to develop an action plan that takes account of the full range of social, environmental and economic factors relevant to the sector's development.

Conference also passed an emergency motion, which means that the party is against intensive "mega-dairies".

To read the exact wording of each motion passed, please click here.

Internal elections

Please click here to see the results of the internal elections.

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